Patient Information

Is patient information saved?

Patient information, or protected health information (PHI) is never stored on Pacsbin. All DICOM images are automatically stripped of identifying information during the upload process. Studies are given a new, randomly generated patient ID, accession number, and patient name.

What about ultrasound? My images have patient information included within the images.

Ultrasound images are not currently supported on Pacsbin. Since most ultrasound machines burn patient information into the image data, it is not easy to remove it automatically. To stay on the safe side, we don't allow ultrasound studies to be uploaded. But, we're working on a solution, so stay tuned!

How can I follow up patients if all the indentifying information is removed?

Installing the Pacsbin proxy server where you work will allow you to securely look up patient data, even after exporting an anonymized study. This functionality requires that you are accessing Pacsbin from your work network, either while at work or using a remote access VPN. This ensures that no PHI is allowed outside the protected network.