Install Impax Toolbar Button

Watch the quick video below to see how to install the Pacsbin export button in Impax:


Here are step by step instructions to install the button.

  1. Open any study in Impax.
  2. In the toolbar above the images, click the wrench button. Impax toolbar
    (click to enlarge)
    Wrench icon
  3. Find and click the Wizards tab. Bottom Wizards tab
    (click to enlarge)
  4. You should see your button in the list of options. To add it to your toolbar, click and drag the button from the settings panel to your toolbar at the top of the screen. Drag button
    (click to enlarge)
  5. You must do this for each type of study (CT, MRI, CR), as each modality has its own toolbar. To do this, select each modality from the dropdown menu above the list of buttons, then drag the button to the toolbar. Add button for each modality
    (click to enlarge)
  6. Click the Apply button, then the OK button. Click apply
    (click to enlarge)
  7. Done!

If you have any questions or problems, please send a note here.